人妻エロ漫画ネタバレ FANBOX2022.08まとめ(日本語/英語) FANBOX_August 2022 Summary(Japanese/English)

At the Bachelorette Party incarnate Ibuki (Musashi♂) descends!
【Exchange Multiverse】Ibuki (inside is Musashi♂) down on his knees and apologizing!


Here is a summary of FANBOX August 2022. The previously commercially serialized male-female spirit exchange manga ’Exchange – Exchange with a c●●●dhood friend! ~This is a continuation of the story.


【Exchangeマルチバース 伊吹(中身は武蔵♂)と武蔵(中身は大和♂)と大和(中身は伊吹♀)】



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【Exchange】At the Bachelorette Party incarnate Ibuki (Musashi♂) descends!
*(4 pages of full-color manga)

【Exchange Multiverse Ibuki(inside is Musashi♂) and Musashi(inside is Yamato♂) and Yamato((inside is Ibuki♀)】
Even though I’m new wife…Ibuki (inside is Musashi♂) down on his knees and apologizing!
*(1 page of full-color manga)

A version with no dialogue is also included.
Total 12 pages (including front cover and colophon)

There are two versions of the file, Japanese and English.
Other languages are not yet supported, so a Japanese text file for translation is included.


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